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These are fundraising projects with established LGBT singer/songwriters where we partner with an artist to raise funds through tax-deductible contributions to finance new album production.  


Our objective is to be a nonprofit LGBT community oriented alternative to for profit crowd funding sources like Kickstarter, GoFundMe, etc that also provides post production marketing through our social media channels and our internet radio station QLRadio.


When commencing a Partner Project we meet with an established LGBT artist to discuss their album and the artists submits their proposal budget (not to exceed $25,000). The album production and budget proposal are then reviewed by a panel of their peers (no less than 3 no more than 5) who determine if the budget is realistic and comparable to the cost of production from similar experienced artist’s latest album production budgets.


QoLMB and the artist then announce the fundraising project and working side by side we begin to raise the agreed upon amount through tax deductible contributions. The artist contributes to the fundraising process by reaching out to fans and supporters and encouraging them to contribute to their album production through QoLMB. This has a edible benefit as it begins to builds the foundation future fundraising and marketing of an ever growing population of LGBT artists. 


We will charge 10% of the funds raised specifically for the Partner Project which will go into our General Funds to be used for our yearly New Artist Grants and to provide QoLMB the funds to operate. We will in turn award 3% of general contributions raised by the nonprofit during the Partner Project (duration defined as from the date the contract is signed until the date a check is issued to the artist for their project). Any funds raised over the targeted amount or remaining from the album production costs (an end of project financial accounting is required from artist) are placed into the QoLMB General Funds to be used for our yearly New Artist Grants and to provide QoLMB the funds to operate.


Our Partner Project Program covers on the costs of the production of an album comprised of existing materials from the beginning of studio time to the completion of production of recording (studio time, studio musicians, product production, cover art, etc.) to the production of an average amount of distributable copies. QoLMB does not cover such items as transportation, lodging, release parties, catering, or other projected related accommodations.

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