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We are currently structuring our new artist grants and

hope to award the first in the 3rd Quarter 2018.

Please check back.


Targeted Grants Program. These grants are from projects where the artist comes to us, we work side by side to raise a set amount. The artist redirects their fundraising going forward to us. This builds the foundation for grants of the future. We will charge 15% of the targeted funds raised to go to  admin and our General Grants Program. Grants Funds Awarded will require an end of project financial accounting with any excess funds returned and placed into the General Grants Accounting.

Current Project

David Johnson of Seattle. He has a portfolio of music that moves. He has dreams, and the emotions that man displayed when I asked him to join us at our inception confirmed for me that this was the correct path.


We are working to assemble a reference list of friendly supportive venues across the country to assist you in planning tours. If you have venue to recommend or would like a copy of our current list please email us.

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