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Quest of Life Media & Broadcast, a nonprofit, 

would like to welcome our new 

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Jeremy James

Jeremy is a singer/songwriter who grew up in Arkansas. He now lives in upstate New York with his husband and a clowder of cats. He is a utility regulator by day, and by night he fronts the indie rock band The Villaineers.

Holiday 2018 Pride! 

A Benefit Album 


These songs by artists have never been put together in a compilation before. 


This will instantly become a classic in your music library! 


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A very special compilation of some of the great holiday themed music Steve has played on the air over the last 14 seasons, music from D.C. Anderson, Norine Braun, Daniel Cartier, Erin Mckeown, Shawn Thomas, and many more. All proceeds go to support QLRadio and Quest of Life Media & Broadcast! Stay tuned for more informaton how to get your copy. 

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